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The objective of the 1500 hour cosmetology course is to prepare you for all aspects of salon service. Through classroom theory and clinical practice, you will gain the well-rounded foundation you need to become a successful cosmetologist. 

In the beginning of the program, you will learn the basic foundation of services and techniques used in salons on a daily basis. This includes shampooing, sculpting (cutting) on all hair types, proper use of tools used in the salon, sanitation and hygiene. As you proceed, you will study the methods and products used in changing hair texture and color. You will also study esthetics, which includes identifying different skin types, performing skin treatments, removal of unwanted hair and makeup application. Manicures, Pedicures and artificial nail services are also studied throughout the course. 

Our Pivot Point curriculum includes review exercises to prepare you for the State Board exam, as well as an integrated Salon Success module which is a learning guide to help you as your career advances.

Basic Training - 1500 Hours
Tuesday - Friday,  9:00 am to 5:00 pm 

  • Tools and their use, use of chemicals, sanitation, skin disease/conditions, electricity, nail technology, shampooing types of hair, hygiene, anatomy/physiology, ethics, and esthetics. Practical Chemical Application
  • Chemical Safety, hair coloring/tinting/bleaching, hair and scalp conditioning, permanent waving, hair relaxing, shampooing, toning, rinsing Hair Styling/Dressing
  • Hair cutting, hair shaping, thinning, trimming, curling, hair treatments, marcelling, application of electrical and mechanical equipment, shop management, sanitation, and interpersonal relations
  • Labor law, client relations, marketing & merchandising, right-to-know laws, sanitation, pertinent state/local laws & rules, personal grooming and hygiene, workers compensation, bookkeeping, emergency first aid, business ethics, and electrical devices.
  • Esthetics-Skin assessment/care, makeup application, facial massage and treatments, removal of unwanted hair, product knowledge and use of special products.
  • Nail Technology-Manicuring, Pedicuring, artificial nails, nail art.
  • Electives-30 hours of state required electives have been added to basic training.


Book list
All books must be purchased through the school. 

Pivot Point Fundamentals
Life Skills                          ISBN 978-1-940593-40-1              Science                            ISBN 978-1-940593-41-8
Business                           ISBN 978-1-940593-42-5             Client Centered Design    ISBN 978-1-940593-43-2
Sculpture/Cut                    ISBN 978-1-940593-44-9             Hair Design                      ISBN 978-1-940593-45-6
Long Hair                          ISBN 978-1-940593-46-3             Wigs and Hair Additions   ISBN 978-1-940593-47-0
Color                                 ISBN 978-1-940593-48-7             Perm and Relax               ISBN 978-1-940593-49-4
Skin                                   ISBN 978-1-940593-50-0             Nails                                 ISBN 978-1-940593-51-7
Color – DA                         ISBN 978-1-937964-29-0
Texture – DA                     ISBN 978-1-937964-39-9
Sculpture – DA                  ISBN 978-1-937964-22-1
Hair Design – DA              ISBN 978-1-937964-30-6
Salon Success – DA          ISBN 978-1-937964-52-8
Pivot Point Study Guide    ISBN 978-1-940593-52-4
(See Pivot Point International, Inc. above)      
(See Pivot Point International, Inc. above)      
Milady Publishing Company  (A Division of Delmar Publishers Inc.)
3 Columbia Circle,  Box  12519  Albany,  New York  12212-2519
Milady Publishing Company (A Division of Delmar Publishers Inc.)
3 Columbia Circle, Box 12519  Albany, New York  12214-5606

[See Milady Publishing Co  above]
Hair Coloring Manual and Activities Book-  Rangl, Deb
[See Milady Publishing Co  above]
Cosmetologists Have a Right to Know and IL DEPT OF  LABOR  Laws & Regulations  Illinois Department of Labor Toxic Substance Division
1 West Old State Capitol Plaza,  Room 300 Springfield,  IL  62701

Instructors are available at times for private tutoring. Arrangements should be made with the individual instructor.  The tutoring agreement is between the instructor and the student. The Oehrlein School of Cosmetology has no part in the private tutoring agreement.  


Textured BobCosmetology Teacher
500/1000 Hours
Tuesday - Friday,  9:00 am to 5:00 pm 

Are you ready to work with the next generation of designers with the education and experience you have gained in your career? Then the Teacher Training education is your first step toward becoming a valued mentor to our cosmetology students. This learning program will cover everything you need to know to be teaching cosmetology anywhere.

Our Teacher Training courses include both theoretical and practical instruction. The curriculum and courses of study are designed to instruct a teacher trainee in teaching methods that engage learner thinking and make each trainee efficient and effective in the classroom. Our program provides a classroom atmosphere that allows trainees to practice the teaching theories and skills they acquire in the program under the guidance of a licensed educator. To qualify for the 1,000 hour program you must have completed your Cosmetology Training and maintain an active license the entire time. To qualify for the 500 hour program you must have 2+ years of experience and maintain an active license the entire time.


Pivot Point Mindful Teaching Pro - LAB1.0&2.0 2013


The Oehrlein School of Cosmetology offers students reasonable accommodations for disabilities in accordance with the guidelines of the Americans with Disabilities Act.  A student must provide current documentation of the disability from a licensed professional prior to the first day of class.  For more information contact our Admissions office during normal school hours.  


The Annual Security Report is available in the school office.  A paper copy of the report will be provided upon request.  You may request a copy of the report by calling the school office at 309-699-1561. The Annual Security Report contains information regarding criminal offenses occurring on campus for the last 4 years.  No offenses have been reported.   

The Oehrlein School of Cosmetology does not offer on-campus housing and therefore is not required to complete the Annual Fire Safety Report. 



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